by El-Ahrairah

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Originally released on cassette by A Terre. Later repressed as part of the MMX-MMXII box set released by Dungeon Tapes.


released June 6, 2012



all rights reserved


El-Ahrairah Minnesota

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Track Name: He is Turn to Stone
In the graveyard he is turn to stone
Branches of oak moan and whine
Flood waters swallow iron crosses
He waits as roses wither and drown

I am all around
Surrounding everything, nothing
Limbs outstretched, raised
Shining with a welcoming glow

We shall meet in the golden hall
Where we will drink and sing
We will feast and be merry
For nothing can trouble us here
Track Name: Drown Alone
Golden leaves fall peacefully
On churning frigid waters
Golden leaves collecting
On pale blue skin
In death, he has found strength,
Honour and pride
Adorned with beautiful jewels
Of ice and snow and gold
Drown alone
He is whole
Bloated and pale
To drown alone
Track Name: Cut Like Rogues
Perched upon his throne
Smugly grinning
As he watches the dance
Bodies flow and fall
Steel clashes on iron
He is not afraid to die
It is destined to be
Daggers float swiftly
He is cut like a rogue
His crown is stripped
Hail the new dawn
The tyrant has fell
In the throne room
She stands frozen by fear
Seeing the blood cascade
Down the golden legs
She cries in terror
As the black angels take her
They bind her face
She drops to her knees
She is cut like a rogue
Her crown is stripped
Hail the new dawn
The tyrant has fell
They are cut like rogues
Their crowns stripped
Hail the new dawn
The Tyrants have fell
Track Name: Clocks Craft of Dead Stone
Clocks craft of dead stone
Hang upon his walls
His cut and rigid hands are still
Bound to immortality
By the wood surrounding
He lives a solitary life among the oak
With wooden masks
He dances in a crimson cloak
Calling to the fearful
Calling to the unliving
Bearing that hideous strength
And when no leaves fall
And when the sun is black
His clocks, craft of dead stone,
Never cease.