The Gates of Dawn

by El-Ahrairah

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Originally released on cassette by A Terre. Later repressed as part of the MMX-MMXII box set released by Dungeon Tapes.


released October 27, 2012



all rights reserved


El-Ahrairah Minnesota

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Track Name: Following the Ancient Voice
I followed the ancient voice
That spoke in wild beastly tongues
Whispers led to a dark wood
Full of snarls of thorns
Where my calloused hands were cut
And my noble face was mangled
I followed the ancient voice
To the birch altar
I knelt and offered blessings
To the lord of the wood
I followed the ancient voice
To its fell and terrible source
A tall man cloaked in shadow
that towered before me
The shadow man beckoned forth
with a frail hand
I felt the cold touch of carrion
And left my body in the bed of gold
Track Name: I Did Not Know Your Death
I feel you in the shadows
In empty rooms with locked doors
I feel your cold hands
Groping at my shoulders
Why do you beckon?
I did not know your death
Your cheerlessness overwhelms
It makes the air heavy and cold

I feel you in the shadows
Waiting with long knives
Why do you want my blood?
I did not know your death
Track Name: The Gates of Dawn
White wood and crimson leaves surround
My tongue swollen with fear
My pale face burns
I am become death
That dagger, o that hideous blade,
slay and fell the faceless beast.
My hands danced so gracefully
Slicing with will and power
And as the gates of dawn do open
I see my pure face in his
Pure as the earth that surrounds him
Pure as the peace he feels in death
In this wood I lament
for we had no quarrel
In cold blood he fell
In cold blood I weep
Track Name: White Kingdom
The white kingdom has failed
Upon my throne, I can see the flames
The horrors that have befallen the city
And the evil that is grown too great
The gate will not hold
The walls will crumble
The keep will fall under a shadow
And be crushed by a terrible hand
Prepare my pyre
Lay the oak round me
I gaze upon the stone lords and princes
Immortalized in marble and granite
Tall and terrible they are, with eyes of grey
And grim faces unchanged for ages
Their hall shall my ashes forever lie
As one with the heathen gods of old
So it is destined to be
That I shall burn with my city
Douse me with the oil
Torch the oak
Set my limbs alight
I depart to live among the gods