by El-Ahrairah

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small pines cut and thrust in earth a ragged line on a hill stripped trees and rough faces stagger symbols carved into the fort-side in the river, more moan and piss collecting rounded stones comparing each to a fist and beating their chests raw braided wool is soaked in blood insults crudely painted on ammunition and skulls death is worshipped the stone throwers are calling drugged clan of outlaws the stone throwers are howling collectors of bones
White wood and crimson leaves surround My tongue swollen with fear My pale face burns I am become death That dagger, o that hideous blade, slay and fell the nameless beast. My hands danced so gracefully Slicing with will and power -- And as his blood pools round my boots I see my pure face in his Pure, in the gods, in the land Pure, in the strike of my hand Sabre and hammer Mock the Gates of Dawn
Four men cloaked in grey Centered in a frozen field Surrounded by ravens And shrouded by thin fog I saw them from a distance And thought them a mirage As I announced myself No feather rustled They remained motionless As a gust blew from the South They crumbled before my eyes And lay as a pile of ash The wind carried a darkness that swept away their bones The wind carried a darkness that swept away all joy
Golden leaves fall peacefully on churning frigid waters. The Moon’s milk spills down the shoreline. Golden leaves collect on his pale blue skin As he bobs softly in the autumn wind. Rope rotted round his throat, ragged grave brown, Dead man's fingers worn as a sullen crown. The sky’s spark conquers heavy night As he sinks into Superior waters. -- In death, he has found strength, Honour and pride Adorned with beautiful jewels Of ice and snow and gold -- Drown Alone He is whole Bloated and strong To drown alone
Perched upon his throne Smugly grinning As he watches the dance Bodies flow and fall Steel clashes on iron He is not afraid to die It is destined to be Daggers float swiftly He is cut like a rogue His crown is stripped Hail the new dawn The tyrant has fell -- In the throne room She stands frozen by fear Seeing the blood cascade Down the golden legs She cries in terror As the black angels take her They bind her face She drops to her knees She is cut like a rogue Her crown is stripped Hail the new dawn The tyrant has fell -- They are cut like rogues Their crowns stripped Hail the new dawn The Tyrants have fell
The white kingdom has failed Upon my throne, I can see the flames The horrors that have befallen the city And the evil that is grown too great The gate will not hold The walls will crumble The keep will fall under a shadow And be crushed by a terrible hand -- Prepare my pyre Lay the oak round me -- I gaze upon the stone lords and princes Immortalized in marble and granite Tall and terrible they are, with eyes of grey And grim faces unchanged for ages Their hall shall my ashes forever lie As one with the heathen gods of old -- So it is destined to be That I shall burn with my city -- Douse me with the oil Torch the oak
name of bastard scratched in clay ostrakon of christian slave crippled seer slighted cross dropped from cliff in slighted toss city of judah ostrakon crushed by filth of babylon crippled seer razed the cross burned the scrolls and razed the cross charred bulla in the hands of servants in temples, dead next to sons of kings
We sat gathered round the cairn, Dressed in dark hides and frozen grey eyes Etching names onto stones And casting them to the flames Our hammers raised in triumph Of Spring’s fine blade That peeled the rind of winter And sliced the hand of death Ragged, we who stood there That morning of bloom and birth Gave offerings to Idun And journeyed home again -- It crossed all Europe like a mystic road, Or as the spirits' pathway lieth on the night. And I heard a voice crying This is the path of glory.



released May 25, 2016

Recorded at The Library Recording Studio June 13th and 14th, 2014 by Graham Barton

Mixed by Travis Nordahl

Mastered by Graham Barton

Produced by El-Ahrairah

Art by Dan Wieken

El-Ahrairah is:

Travis Nordahl - Guitar, Vocals
Dillon Allison - Drums
Sam Loesch - Synth, Harmonium, Vocals
Arron Mclean - Bass, Piano, Vocals
Graham Barton - Guitar solos


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El-Ahrairah Minnesota


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